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EasyFit lens will not only meet your patients' visual needs, it will exceed them.


Providing outstanding vision to fit your patient’s unique needs.

Dry Eye

Ideal for patients experiencing dryness symptoms later in the day with their contact lens wear. EasyFit’s tear reservoir cushions and hydrates for extreme continuous comfort.


3 multifocal designs for visually demanding patients requiring vision at all ranges.


No more out of focus or fluctuating vision. Variable vision is a thing of the past with the stability provided by EasyFit lenses.

Soft Lens Intolerant

No more burning, dry or itchy eyes. Patients that are soft lens intolerant will love the comfort and tear cushion of EasyFit Lifestyle Lenses. Wind, dust, and debris are things of the past!

High Refractive

Sharp, crisp vision for patients requiring high refractive correction.

Active Lifestyle

Sharp, crisp vision for your active lifestyle patients. High-Definition optics for distance allows superior performance. The lens and tear reservoir offer protection against environmental factors.


Proudly inspired by our patient’s needs

Innovative Solution.

A perfect lens for active lifestyles.

Soft lens patients no longer have to struggle with variable, unstable vision.

Revolutionary Technology.

Advanced Hydra-PEG coating.

Increases wearing time by improving lens wet ability and lubricity.

Crisp Vision.

No more variable vision!

EasyFit contacts provide consistent, crisp vision all day long giving patients a feeling of “bionic” vision.

Visual Performance.

Protection under variable conditions.

Designed to vault the cornea and land softly on the sclera. Your patients can have exceptionally sharp visual performance all day.

Revolutionary Technology.

Tear reservoir experience.

EasyFit Lifestyle Contacts create a tear reservoir over the cornea hydrating and bathing the eye throughout the day


Not a "stock" lens product

Say goodbye to trial lens sets. EasyFit lenses offer the highest number of Modifications and adjustments available on the market today.

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No-Return Warranty

All EasyFit lenses now come with the AccuLens industry leading 6 month unlimited warranty at no charge.
This warranty covers our complete range of lenses to include the Scleral lens product lines.
EasyFit Lifestyle Lenses - Clear Product Advantage


Every EasyFit Lens is manufactured to the eye specifications of your patients.

What eye care professionals are saying:

Larry Forrest, OD

EasyFit is my lens of choice in lieu of corneal gas permeable lenses and many soft toric lenses. The are easy to fit and are exceptionally comfortable for he patient.

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