Maxim 3D Patient Information

Maxim 3D Patient Information
How to easily put on a scleral lens
How To Remove a Scleral Lens With No Tools
How To Remove A Scleral Lens - Safely and Efficiently

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Care Tips
Treat Your Coated Lenses Kindly

Tangible® Hydra-PEG® creates a very slippery lens surface, which is what makes a coated lens so comfortable. Be very careful when removing them from the package or your contact lens case. And, like with any contact lens, don’t forget to plug your drain!

Optimum Infinite® (tisilfocon A) Daily Wear Contact Lenses


TheOptimum Infinite (tisilfocon A) Daily Wear Contact Lensis manufactured from a machinelatheable rigid gas permeable material composed of siloxanyl fluoromethacrylate copolymer thatis tinted for visibility and available with or without an ultraviolet (UV) light absorber. The lensesmay be plasma treated during the manufacturing process.

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Do you just want to SCAN and SEND and have TEAM Acculens expertly analyze patient data profile? No Problem. We are happy to evaluate and design a perfectly contoured Maxim 3D lens

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