maxim 3d is a revolutionary new way to fit Scleral lenses

A Free Form Design measured to the micrón over the cornea and at any axis 360° for a perfectly unique and contoured fit.

Maxim 3D flawlessly mimics the shape of the eye and the asymmetrical shape of the sclera.

Utilizing Data from scleral topography, a completely crafted Maxim lens can be designed for every patient. Inputs are calculated in microns not steps to ensure exact measurements and high clinical outcomes with few remakes.

Design Process.
Efficient and Precise


Eye scan is preformed


Over refraction and notation of central vault with trial lens suggested.


Data file is directly transferred to CAD/CAM software at Acculens


File is analyzed and a precisely contoured lens is designed for every patient


Lens is dispensed with submission of high quality CSP and ESP scans. Minimal remakes with submission of high quality CSP scans.


Highly customizable products now efficient. Maxim 3D reduces chair time and increases patient satisfaction.

Maxim 3D available by trial fit or empirically

No limitations. Design Process. Efficient and precise

4 independent sections that can be
placed at any angle on haptic
Management of Pinguecula
Starts 1mm inside the limbus
Multifocal Alignment Tool
Reduces "heal toe" compression
Reducing Sperical aberrations
Increased stability and tissue displacement.

Multifocal options available on all designs.

Calculated to the Micron

Efficient and Precise

Multifocal options available on all designs.

What the industry is saying:


of Maxim 3D practitioners surveyed would recommend Maxim 3D to their colleagues.


of Maxim 3D practitioners surveyed found less than 1.6 remakes per patient.


of Maxim 3D practitioners surveyed found Direct connect or file transfer convenient and a time saver for their practice.



Acculens continues to stay ahead of the curve with its Maxim 3D lens. This lens improves upon current quadrant specific technology and allows you to make edge specific changes at any clock hour instead of just 12/6 and 3/9. Furthermore, this can be incorporated with their many multifocal designs. If the patient has residual astigmatism and needs a front toric along with a quad specific multifocal, NO PROBLEM! Acculens maxim 3D has you covered.

Become a Maxim3D certified fitter today!

1. scan

2. send

3. design

4. dispense

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